Educational Planning & College Placement

Research conducted by Future Quest indicates that prerequisites for admission to the college of one’s choice consist of an effective design for a secondary education and a timely, persuasive college application. Even with an impressive grade point average, extensive participation in extracurricular activities, and strong SAT scores, students may not be admitted to their desired college. The Future Quest process guides students and parents through the maze of high school planning, the college selection and the application process.  In addition, our process provides students with a competitive edge and helps them find a school where they will be both happy and productive.

Our process is divided into two phases; Educational Planning and College Placement.  While we recommend both Phase 1 and Phase 2 concurrently, either phase may be contracted independently according to the students’ individual needs.

Phase 1, Educational Planning

After an extensive interview and an analysis of your academic history and educational goals, Future Quest designs a unique educational plan recognizing your strengths, interests, and needs. This plan is constructed to best position you for the college of your choice. (8th, 9th & 10th Grades)

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Phase 2, College Placement

Your academic strengths, interests, and financial needs are matched to appropriate colleges.  After college visits, students narrow their choices then, our counselors will help you present a polished and coherent application to these schools. (11th & 12th Grades)

Educational Planning MD 2

Individual Counseling

Educational Planning: develop a customized educational plan to position the student for acceptance to the colleges of his or her choice.

This series provides participants with an introduction into pre-college planning.

Topics include: course selection, extracurricular activities, summer enrichment programs, college entrance exams, test preparation programs, college recommendations, financial aid, research and planning.

College Placement: help for successful navigation through the college search and application process including college selection, testing and financial aid.

This series offers a comprehensive overview of the college search and application process which includes creating your unique application package.

Other topics include: the college essay, college visit, college interview, college recommendation, and financial aid.

Business Consulting

Corporate Offerings to Employees: Help corporations establish college selection and placement guidance as a valuable benefit for their employees.


● Reduce stress and time by providing professional assistance in navigating the process
● Provide a competitive service that significantly enhances the employee benefits package
● Enable employees’ children to obtain optimal results from their college search at minimal cost
● Help families explore and access the best available financial aid resources


Corporate Offerings to Sponsored Schools: Advisory Services for students, parents and staff at schools receiving corporate sponsorship. This includes educational evaluation and planning, college selection, test preparation and applications, admissions and financial aid guidance.


● Enable corporations to easily provide a full-service counseling package to the
schools they sponsor
● Raise the level of expert counseling support that existing school staff can make
available to students
● Help corporations fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility commitment by contributing to the education and advancement of young people


Educational Planning for Charter and Public Schools: creation of college advisory programs for new schools and hiring and training of staff for effective counseling services.


● Position students for access to colleges that best match their abilities and aspirations
● Attract admissions officers through marketing the school at targeted professional conferences (e.g. NACAC, PCACAC)
● Establish broader awareness of school excellence through strong placement of initial graduation classes

Counselor Training: Qualify individuals to become independent counselors

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